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The Rest - A contemporary family portrait

2011 – Series of Ink-jet prints montages, diasec finish mounted on aluminium – each 80x80cm 

If all art work is an act of kinship in a way, the subject that has been nagging at me for so many years is in its extension: filiation and transmission at the crossroads of the “holy family” and those more in the majority from now on of “Ferrero “.

The images abound, but remain quite similar: not very fervent in being the link between content and form and genres and flesh, symptoms of an emotion more visceral than intellectual, more phenomenological than Freudian.

I continue to search for the missing image, the one that is hard to find, that I would like to leave in the pages of my family album, to my offspring, in order to transmit to them how deceptive the strategy of happiness of the classic albums is.

family in contemporary art