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If life has a meaning, it’s that we are squeezed into the world, head first between our mothers’ buttocks… It’s the only thing of which we can be sure.

Soon come the spiritual and physical adventures that traverse the Earth from west to east, avoiding accidents. This waltz around the sun reaches far into the Milky Way. This is the meaning of life for serious people.

Others keep their eyes fixed on the narrow door of their origins, ready for any folly, disguise or lie that might shatter the silence of true wisdom.

Is there nothing vainer than love letters, crux of novels, left to gather dust in drawers? The Map of Lovers was ridiculous to real sweethearts and sweet-nothings are useless to those who fuck.

We are let loose on this planet, with our subconscious as baggage and two or three idiotic desires standing on the shoulders of midgets. Loving your neighbour is not a sinecure; it’s no more tiring than the love of the hangman for his victims or the victims’ for their torturers.

Jude Stéfan would have us believe that to free ourselves from the burden of being, like the crown of thorns of The Famous Scapegoat, we must break our backs to get as far away as possible from that narrow door, from the sluice that brought us into the world… Surge straight ahead like a Champagne cork, asking for nothing, not even one’s direction… This is the way of cats, so bold and alive, who take lessons only from themselves…

According to History and the Last Judgement, the meaning of life is a hawker’s con… The last dog knows how to die and the swallows only need flies to learn how to live… He who knew how to talk to birds and share with wolves told no lies of man, because, even more than solitude, dying of reason is the most miserable of misfortunes…

Thus, starved of truth, the readers of The Pravda emerged from the underground, their papers open to the psalmic words of The Brilliant Comrade…

Thus died the forces of good shooting the Republicans before moving on to finish off the Nazis.

Thus will die devout Market Economists, worshippers of Society, all those cowards that hide behind Bibles, Korans and treaties of the Axis of Good…

Because I only see a future for fools, those who keep Death for the end, like the cherry on the cake, because they have emptied their heads of speeches, barracks, and the figures of the past.

It would seem that we are no longer guilty of living; bodies have become more honest than spirits, more intelligent than Politics and more wise than the Economy…

Nonsense must reign to make space for what little reason remains. I like the art of telling all by making others speak… 
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