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A Divinis

Page dedicated to my contemporary photographic family album showed on instagram, to access to the latest photographic projects.

“I told Picasso that the real place of the Musée imaginaire is necessarily a mental place” (La Tête d’obsidienne, Paris, 1974): unknowingly paraphrasing Leonardo da Vinci, for whom “painting is a mental thing” (cosa mentale), Malraux likes to recall this sentence in the course of a long interview he had with Picasso, who was questioning him before the publication of his essay on the “Musée imaginaire”.



“The Musée Imaginaire is a mental phenomenon resulting from a cumulative visual experience. It is a domain of forms that inhabits us. It is a space without physical existence, existing only through and in the viewer’s mind and materializing in a visible proposition, the edited photograph.”

Art press 2 n°24 “l’art en images, images de l’artiste” (février-mars-avril 2012)

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