Contemporary photographic family album

Inter faeces and urinam nascimur?

Mother and daugher II

Photography has since, its beginnings shaped family representations, in stark contrast to St. Augustin’s phrase…

After more than two hundred years of lineages captured on an uninterrupted flow, across oceans and cultures, we still do not know much about these bounds of flesh and spirits, which have become a cornerstone of the economy in photography.

For nearly 15 years, Diane Ducruet methodically deconstructs the traditional “Family album’s strategy of happiness” by featuring her family: herself, mother, father, brother, boyfriend and offspring.

In this latest project of 2015 “Mother and Daughter II” far away from pietas, she proposes between myths and fairytales, a mother and daughter relationship reinterpretation: two bodies bind / fight merging into a single entity: portrait of a creature whose body deploies in space and time, challenging the fixed state of a photographic document. Hybridisation and duplication of photographs dive the serie into the Grotesque of the Renaissance.