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Residency: The Landlady by Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee Lefèvre

Performance for 3 protagonists, (INSTALLATION / DANCE / MUSIQUE), inspired by “Le Terrier” by F. Kafka.
Director: Sarah Lee
Dance: SonYa

Liudas Mockunas
Marc Ducret
Wolfgang Mitterer

Emmanuel (my companion!) and I, are (super) pleased to welcome a new piece of talentuous Sarah Lee at the Atelier. They will spend a week in Montignac-Lascaux, in order to rehearse and calibrate the last details before the first live performance.

I’ll manage to provide to Sarah as much “visual material” as I can (as above!) as well as a good communication operation to gather an audience for the show!

Please find Sarah’s blog :

Marc Website :

Liudas page :

and Sonya performances :

All infos on my “Residency project’s website”

Sarah Lee by DD