Contemporary photographic family album

Second exhibition at The Atelier !

Vernissage and introduction  of the 2019 residencies!
24 feb. 2019 at 16:00 at
L’Atelier, 3 Place d’Armes, 24290 Montignac, France

Sarah Lee presents her experimental “video essay” 

Extrait de HISTOIRE 4′
30min – creation 2016

Marc Ducret: text, music, guitar

Sarah Lee: video

Bruno Ducret: violoncellin

Laurent Poitrenaux: voice

Céline Grangey: sound

Frédéric Ridacker will exhibit a slection of his wonderful drawings from series “A world without faces”

His aesthetic approach (use of felts) is inspired by German Expressionism from the XXth century and incorporates both a documentary/social dimension combined to a biographical history. This vision of family, landscape and home interiors is resolutely “acid”, but never falls into caricature.

Find miore about Frederic’s works

Views from the show