Contemporary photographic family album

The Collector’s Eye

The Collector's Eye

The collector’s eyes : a photographic collection of Mr Frazier King / Houston / USA

I am happy and proud to have one piece of  “UNDERWEARS” included in such beautiful collection.

Frazier King welcomed me at his place almost a week, as I was exhibiting at the Houston Center for Photography my serie “Perfomances of the ordinary” in the group show “Artist as a Perforer” in 2009: wonderful experience, people, discussion, discoveries, etc. in the great (and big Houston).


“This book showcases the remarkable collection of photographic prints, built by Frazier King. It was brought to the public view by Wendy Watriss, one of the founders of FotoFest, and is a visual and written exploration of the constructed photograph as created in the last decades of the 20th century and the first decades of the 21st century.”

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From left to right Frazier King, myself, who are you ?, (can’t remember!), Bevin Bering  at the HCP / Houston / 2009